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Community Rules

Please note the following rules, which are intended to ensure that every user feels comfortable on our platform. Violations can be punished with temporary or permanent bans.

  1. Most important rule: Behave like in real life. What is inappropriate there is also inappropriate here. Be friendly, polite, and harass and insult no one.
  2. Profile Pictures. Please only use appropriate profile pictures. In general, this means that pictures that would be inappropriate in public are also inappropriate here. This means in particular that the following rules apply:
    • No pornography and no pornographic representations either
    • No pictures that show or glorify violence
    • No nudity, including pictures in underwear
    • No pictures of other persons
    • No images you don’t own the rights to use them
  3. Chat Messages. Please behave appropriately when chatting with each other. If you would not say something to a person in real life, then it is not appropriate. This means in particular:
    • No threats and harassment
    • No bullying and no offenses
    • No hate against persons due to skin colour, religion, disabilities, age, nationality or sexual orientation
    • No fraud, no spam and no revealing of other players’ personal information
  4. Names. Please use your real names. Of course, abbreviations or nicknames are allowed, but make sure they are appropriate. Names that consist only of smileys or a reference to your Snapchat or Instagram account are not allowed.​

Last Update: August 2018

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