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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why won’t I receive any notifications?

Please make sure that you have not muted the app’s notifications. To do this, either go to the App Settings and then click on “Notifications”. There you can specify which events you want to be notified about. If your device uses Android 7.0 or later, you will instead find a shortcut to the System Preferences where you can also configure which notifications you want to receive.

If this does not help, your device may not have registered with our service. This should usually happen automatically. If there are problems with this, please open the app settings and click on “Reset token” in the “ Notifications” menu. Now you should be able to receive notifications again.

If this does not help either, please check your device settings. Many manufacturers equip their mobile phones and tablets with power-saving settings that can block notifications. These vary by device, so please either read the instructions or use Google (or a search engine of your choice) to find out how it works on your device.

Why does it take so long to find a match?

Many variables influence how quickly you find new matches:

Where can I see the distance or age of other players?

Simply click on the info icon in the top right corner when you have opened a game. This will take you to the profile page, where you can see all the information, including distance, age, gender and country of origin. By clicking on the profile picture you can open it in full screen mode.

Why am I seeing error messages?

This is a general error message which may have various reasons. First, please make sure that your internet connection does not actually have any problems. In addition, the date and time on your device must be correct, otherwise this error message may occur.

If you still receive this error message, please send us an email to, along with a short description of where the error occurs and preferably a screenshot. We will answer you as soon as possible (usually within minutes to hours) and fix the problem together with you.

With with a negative rating in the Store you don’t solve the problem and don’t motivate us to take care of it. Better contact us, both sides will benefit from that! :)

How can I report a player?

If a person violates the rules or you are otherwise harassed by them, please report them by clicking on the flag in the top right corner after you have opened the game with that person.

There you can specify why you want to report the person and also leave a comment. Please use this opportunity so that we can assess the situation more easily and quickly. Once you have sent the message, you can delete the game and we will take care of it.

Please note that we can’t give any feedback as to whether we have banned a player. We also can’t ban anyone for incidents that happened outside of our app. If both of you chat on WhatsApp or Snapchat, we will not be able to penalize any violations of the rules. If you want to be safe, use the built-in chat!

What is the friendship level?

The friendship level tells you how well you know each other. You can increase it by playing with each other. If you get the right answers it will increase, if you get the wrong answers it can decrease. With each level it becomes more difficult to rise. Good luck!

How can I delete games?

You can delete games by sweeping them to the side in the games list and confirming the subsequent confirmation prompt. Please note that the other player will still see the game until they delete it as well. However, you will no longer be able to play or send messages, and the other player will no longer see your online status and distance in your profile.

Where can I submit ideas for new questions?

You can submit your own suggestions in the settings under “ Submit a question”. Please also note the conditions for submissions. You will find a link to them there as well. If we accept your question, we will always display your name when the question is shown.

How can I change my date of birth?

Please send us a proof of your age (copy of your identity card or similar) together with your username by e-mail to You can black out all information except your name and date of birth, but it must be recognizable that it is an official document.

We will irrevocably delete the photo or copy immediately after correcting your date of birth. We will then re-enable your account.

Will my account be lost when I sign out?

No, your account and all associated data will remain unchanged. If you use the same login credentials during login, you can access your account again. You can see exactly which data you have used in the app settings under “Your account”. Here you can see both the login method (mobile phone number, Google account, etc.) and the number or e-mail address used.

You can also use your account on several devices at the same time, but the correct functionality (e.g. for notifications) cannot be guaranteed.

Am I allowed to have multiple accounts?

No, multi-accounts are forbidden and can lead to the permanent blocking of all your accounts. There will be no warning, so please do not do this!

If several people in your household are using the app on the same internet connection, you can inform us to avoid the risk of being banned. For this we need your username and the one of the other person as well as a short description of the situation via e-mail to or via the feedback form in the app settings.

How can I delete my account?

It is a pity that you want to delete your account. It would be nice if you could tell us the reasons for this so that we can improve the app further. You can do this by clicking on “Send Feedback” in the App Settings or by sending an email to

If you want to delete your account, open the settings in the app and click on “Your Account”. Then tap on “Delete account permanently” and confirm the prompts. Please note that all your data will be irrevocably deleted and we will not be able to recover it.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Then simply contact us via the feedback form in the app settings or by e-mail to!

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